Parenting Takes A Team

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…. because help is all around you.


Purposeful Parents Help Their Kids Love Learning and School.

  1. Listening and talking to their children about what went on at school.
  2. Staying tuned-in. How do your kids feel about classes, teachers, other students, and activities at school?
  3. Share your own reactions to what your children did and experienced.
  4. Check in on homework and notices in the backpack
  5. Provide the structure and encouragement for school work and goals to be accomplished.

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Purposeful Parents Reinforce Good Habits

  1. Instill strong study habits like committing to work before fun, setting times and places for study, providing support.
  2. Providing guided practice when child is confused, back off when mastery achieved.
  3. Growing readers by reading 30 minutes a day with youngsters 5 to 8 years of age.
  4. Combat the chaos of the backpack by organizing and monitoring.
  5. Establish healthy morning and evening routines.


Purposeful Parents Team Up with Teachers

1. Get involved. Know your child’s teachers. Go to the open houses and conferences. Introduce yourself.
2. Communicate directly, respectfully and productively. It is always better to call on the phone or meet in person when there are things to discuss concerning your child.
3. Reinforce lessons taught. Whatever your child is learning, deepen their understanding by getting them to think, remember, make connections and theorize beyond the classroom.

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